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Entwicklung und Erprobung eines Konzepts zur Förderung ethischer Kompetenz : Wie kann die Auseinandersetzung über 'richtig' und 'falsch' in Lehrveranstaltungen an Wirtschaftsuniversitäten verankert werden?

2019 , Wagner, Dietrich

Ethical competence allows uncovering and describing implicit values in arguments, theories and social situations. Furthermore, ethically competent persons can examine the identified values for their moral validity. This thesis investigates whether and how ethical competence can be fostered among students at business schools. Students should therefore be empowered to uncover the normative foundations of economic activity and to reflect ethically on them. In this thesis, it will be discussed whether the promotion of ethical competence is desirable from a normative perspective and necessary from an empirical perspective. The discussion clearly shows that ethical competence is a desirable educational goal, which currently is neglected at business schools. In response to this observation and using design-based research as methodological approach, a teaching-learning concept to foster ethical competence is developed. This concept takes into account different components of ethical competence, existing pedagogical concepts and the concrete implementation context. The teaching-learning concept was partly tested and evaluated during a university course. The research process resulted in a teaching-learning concept for the promotion of ethical competence, which is both theoretically founded and practically tested.