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Development and validation of the Reflection in Business Education Questionnaire (RIBEQ)

2017-08-30 , Gommers, Luci , Jenert, Tobias Johannes , Brahm, Taiga , Wagner, Dietrich

Student reflection is considered both a crucial feature of high-quality learning as well as an important objective in Higher Education. Despite its apparent relevance for educational practice, most of the research on reflection remains at a conceptual level (Boud & Walker, 1998; Mann, Gordon & MacLeod, 2007), whilst empirical research mainly focuses on measuring students’ reflection levels. Regarding the effectiveness of specific interventions (e.g. portfolios) to develop reflective skills, there is little empirical evidence going beyond case studies and qualitative accounts. Thus, the purpose of this research was to develop and validate an instrument for measuring student reflection in Higher Education in general and business schools in particular. The questionnaire is designed to measure students’ reflection in three dimensions: students’ reflection levels, their attitudes towards reflection, and supporting and hindering factors influencing students’ reflection processes. A pre-test was conducted at two different universities in Switzerland and Germany to validate the Reflection in Business Education Questionnaire (RIBEQ). In total, 64 students filled in the survey. Exploratory factor analyses and reliability tests showed satisfactory psychometric qualities of the RIBEQ. This study can support further research on student reflection and its development. Also, the questionnaire can be used as a diagnostic instrument for business schools to trace students’ development over time. From a practical point of view, it can also be applied to identify supporting and hindering factors at a particular higher education institution in order to develop practical interventions targeting these factors.