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Examining the Antecedents of Creative Collaboration with an AI Teammate

2022-12-14 , Siemon, Dominik , Elshan, Edona , de Vreede, Triparna , Oeste-Reiß, Sarah , de Vreede, Gert Jan , Ebel, Philipp

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), individuals are increasingly teaming up with AI-based systems to enhance their creative collaborative performance. When working with AI-based systems, several aspects of team dynamics need to be considered, which raises the question how humans’ approach and perceive their new teammates. In an experimental setting, we investigate the influence of social presence in a group ideation process with an AI-based teammate and examine its effects on the motivation to contribute. Our results show a multi-mediation model in which social presence indirectly influences whether human team members are motivated to contribute to a team with AI-based teammates, which is mediated by willingness to depend and team-oriented commitment.