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The abandoned worker: socio-economic change and the attraction of right-wing populism

2003 , Schultheis, Franz , Hentges, Gudrun , Meyer, Malte-Henning , Flecker, Jörg , Kirschenhofer, Sabine , Thoft, Eva , Grinderslev, Edvin , Balazs, Gabrielle

European synthesis report on qualitative findings - The European Synthesis Report on Qualitative Findings represents the main results of the qualitative phase of the SIREN project and depicts the synthesis analysis of the country findings in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland. Based on more than 300 qualitative interviews carried out in the countries of the SIREN consortium as well as the eight national reports, the qualitative research of the project enables an understanding of how people are affected by socio-economic change and whether this makes them susceptible to right-wing populist and extremist ideologies, insights that have so far been missing by and large.