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    Developing a MOOC to Foster Information Literacy (IL) by Means of a Conjecture Map
    (Springer, 2019-07) ; ; ;
    Uden, L
    Liberona, D
    Sanchez, G
    Rodríguez-González, S
    Teachers feel often insecure when handling digital media pedagogically and therefore need tools to support them. The present contribution shows how to develop an easy-to-use digital learning design to foster information literacy [IL] – the development of a Massive Open Online Course [MOOC]. This open form of digital learning setting is necessary to foster IL effectively as the handling of digital information is the main concern of IL at present. The Educational Design Research is conducted by means of conjecture mapping, what allows for a combined study of learning and teaching and its interdependence in a given learning setting. Derived from our high level conjectures, (I): IL consists of several interdependent competences, (II): a digital learning environment is crucial to foster IL, (III): an open and learner centered design is necessary, and (IV): a good MOOC follows defined principles, the MOOC has been developed. The MOOC lays ground for the yet to follow measure and improvement of the learning design.
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