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    How to handle the Long Tail of Business Negotiations : The Open Negotiation Environment (ONE) Platform
    ( 2009-06-17)
    Hoyer, Volker
    In course of the EU-funded project Open Negotiation Environment (ONE), an Open Source platform was developed which allows modelling and executing of individual complex business negotiations. This paper focuses in particular on unstructured business negotiations. Instead of following a pre-defined negotiation process, real-world business negotiations are characterised by serveral negotiations steps within the different negotiation phases (admission, readiness, negotiation, and acceptance). By following the design science research methodology, this paper presents a report of the achieved results in each phase of the design science approach. The designed and underlying meta model to model business negotiations are introduced. By means of a developed prototype the application is demonstrated. A case study in the facility management in Italy evaluates the underlying concepts and benefits of the solution.