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Generic Business Model Types for Enterprise Mashup Intermediaries

2009-08-06 , Hoyer, Volker , Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina , Nelson, Matthew L.

The huge demand for situational and ad-hoc applications desired by the mass of business end users led to a new kind of Web applications, well-known as Enterprise Mashups. Users with no or limited programming skills are empowered to leverage in a collaborative manner existing Mashup components by combining and reusing company internal and external resources within minutes to new value added applications. Thereby, Enterprise Mashup environments interact as intermediaries to match the supply of providers and demand of consumers. By following the design science approach, we propose an interaction phase model artefact based on market transaction phases to structure required intermediary features. By means of five case studies, we demonstrate the application of the designed model and identify three generic business model types for Enterprise Mashups intermediaries (directory, broker, and marketplace). So far, intermediaries following a real marketplace business model don't exist in context of Enterprise Mashups and require further research for this emerging paradigm. Winner of the Best Paper Award (