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Implications from Innovativeness Typology on Innovation Performance Measurement: A Bibliometric Analysis

2014-06-04 , Möller, Klaus , Steinmann, Jan-Christoph , Calabretta, Giulia

This research contributes to the ongoing since decades existing discussion on research in innovativeness, a term which in the past has been closely related to innovation measurement. Using bibliometric techniques like citation and co-citation analysis combined with factor analysis, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling we examine the most influential articles that have dealt with the topic. From the resulting overview on research directions in innovativeness we derive a contextual framework for an integrative innovation performance measurement model. In detail our analysis will provide three main findings: 1) There are 4 mayor different well established research streams connected to innovativeness, which focus on different aspects in the innovation-firm performance-chain each of them on different aggregation levels (individual, product, organization). That is consumer innovativeness, personal innovativeness, product innovativeness and firm innovativeness. 2) The different types of innovativeness build up on each other and reflect a so far mostly hidden frame of the chain-of-effects model for the innovation-firm performance relation. 3) We build up a holism aspiring Performance Measurement Framework, which one hand considers all identified performance relevant areas in the bibliometric part and on the other hand incorporates more current topics from the review part.