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Enterprise Architecture and Transformation: The Differences and the Synergy Potential of Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation Management

2012-09-01 , Winter, Robert , Townson, Simon , Uhl, Axel , Labusch, Nils , Noack, Joerg

Due to their holistic approach and some common terminology, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Business Transformation Management (BTM) are two disciplines that need to be investigated in order to better understand their synergies, and to understand where each is best applied. This article aims at clarifying the relationship of EAM and BTM, as well as their respective methods. The article is based not only on the authors' discussion of the Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation question, but on ten interviews with experts from science, consulting and industry practice, and on feedback provided by a sounding board of several SAP experts and managers. It was discussed with the experts who key users and stakeholders are, which problems need to be addressed, which goals are pursued, and the benefits and value added. The authors further investigated capabilities and competencies needed and how EAM and BTM are evolving.