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Jews from the East, Global Migration, and Habsburg Galicia in the early 1880s

2021-09-20 , Chebotarov, Oleksii

This dissertation focuses on the Refugee Crisis in the early 1880s Habsburg Galicia caused by the mass arrival of the Jews from the Russian Empire. It examines the role of the Crisis in the history of the border region, the Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires, and the Global Jewish Migration. The research explores refugees migration patterns influenced by the imperial border, local and central imperial authorities, non-state institutions, and international actors. The study analyses the effects of the Crisis on the transit regions and border security, migration policy, and political life of two Empires. The research examines multiple horizontal and vertical models of migration governance. The transnational ideological and political dimensions of the Crisis are studied on the example of press publications as well as domestic and international political debates. Methodologically the study applies global micro-historical and multiple-level migration analysis. It combines several interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and mixed qualitative and quantitative methods. The conducted analysis is based on an extensive multilingual pool of archival sources of different origins. The dissertations novel contribution consists of the multifactorial analysis of the causes, conditions, and consequences of the refugee crisis on the local, regional, imperial, and transnational levels. The research results challenge and contribute to the existing state of arts in the history of modern empire, Eastern European Jewish history, and migration history of East-Central Europe.