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Непевне майбутнє складного минулого: пошуки шляхів розвитку досліджень геноцидів в Україні [Uncertain Future of the Difficult Past: Looking for the Ways of Development of Genocide Studies in Ukraine]

2018 , Chebotarov, Oleksii , Kharchenko, Artem

The paper focused on the state and perspectives of the Genocide Studies in Ukraine. The authors raise a number of issues about international integration of Ukrainian historical science and the influence of politics on the study of complex/difficult/controversial past. The paper presents a quantitative content analysis of the presence of Ukraine as a research area in core academic journals in Genocide Studies and examine key topics and approaches in this area. The authors draw attention to the instrumentalization of events and phenomena that Genocide studies focused on, which often complicates the work of researchers. The minimal presence of Ukrainian scholars in the thematic periodicals, the marginality of the Holocaust and other circumstances indicated in the text show a low level of development of Genocide Studies in Ukraine. In the paper, particular methodological trajectories and thematic directions for the development of Genocide Studies in Ukraine are proposed.