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    Public Value Creation and its Relation to Existing Performance Measures: Evidence from the German Federal Labor Agency
    ( 2016-06-03) ; ;
    Bartholomes, Steffen
    Public value research was initiated more than 20 years ago (Moore 1995). It resonated around the globe and has been labeled “the next big thing” (Talbot 2008). However, the integration of public value measures into existing schemes of performances measurement (controlling data) is still lacking. This study provides a link between public value data and controlling data. For the first time, this relationship is explored empirically. Based on data from Germany’s Federal Labor Agency (FLA) and interviews with employers in 2012 and 2014, the authors find significant expected and unexpected relationships between public value and controlling data. Expected positive relationships exist between the absolute data on public value and controlling data, an unexpected inverted U-shape relationship manifests itself for the relative change in the controlling data. There is no significant correlation between the public value creation at both points in time. Furthermore, public value assessments seem to predict employers’ attitudes towards the FLA. The article discusses how to further integrate public value data in performance management in the public sector.