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    A gift or a curse? The influence of family business background on next-generation entrepreneurship
    Young entrepreneurs whose parents control a business are often subjected to the influence of their parents when starting a firm. These next-generation entrepreneurs may receive resources and emotional support from their parents, and parents may also influence their children’s cognitive style and serve as role models for children. Today, we do not know whether such parental influence is positive or negative for children’s start-up activity. For instance, entrepreneurial parents may serve as positive role models to their children and provide them with resources that facilitate the start-up process. On the other hand, however, children from entrepreneurial parents may feel pressure to succeed as entrepreneurs, and the provision of resources from their parents for their own venture may undermine their independence. With the present study, we hope to shed new light on an important yet understudied aspect of entrepreneurship. We hope that our findings are of interest to practitioners and researchers of entrepreneurship and family business alike.