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    Emergent Perspectives of Strategic Change: Toward a New Paradigm?
    This symposium critically discusses recent developments and future avenues in the theorizing of strategic change. While the profound transformation of firms has spurred many new topics in strategic change research, such as digitalization, disruption and platform-based competition, we have also witnessed the emergence of new theoretical foci and perspectives. By large, these perspectives expand beyond traditional views of strategic change as top management choice, cognition and learning. Collectively, they hold the potential to advance our understanding of strategic change as a collective, multifaceted and dynamic process. The dual purpose of the symposium is to display emergent ways to enrich and innovate research and theory of strategic change, and to inspire a dialogue among scholars advancing these new perspectives about the current state and future developments of strategic change as a research field. By doing so, we aim at discussing strategic change theories in the light of current changes in practice, and at providing scholars across multiple AOM divisions with ideas and guidance for their future research.