Swiss Private Banking: Industry Evolution and Strategic Change


Since the outburst of the recent financial crisis, Swiss private banking has entered an intense transformation period. Regulatory shocks, volatile capital markets, changing client needs and stiffening competition are forcing the industry into a far reaching overhaul of its internal structure, its population size, as well as the business models it hosts. For individual banks, the time for innovation has arrived; with an agenda that is outspokenly challenging, but at the same time holding great promise for the banks that master the innovation challenge.

This project seeks to understand the current dynamics of success and to provide industry participants with guidance in this critical phase of industry evolution. The project (a) monitors and descriptively lays out the 'hard facts' of industry performance and evolution, and (b) provides empirical and theoretical insights on how to master the challenges at the firm-level.

Current publications' web presentations:
[ Performance der Schweizer Privatbanken 2013]

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Commencement Date1 May 2012
Contributors Laamanen, Tomi (Project Manager); Schimmer, Markus (Project Worker) & Reuter, Emmanuelle (Project Worker)
Institute/School IfB - Institute of Management
IWOE - Institute for Economy and the Environment
Completion Date 30 December 2013
Publications Laamanen, Tomi; Reuter, Emmanuelle & Sputtek, Rebekka: Performance through focus: Seizing the global private banking opportunity; Joint Publication of KPMG and University of St. Gallen. HSG & KPMG (Switzerland), 2012.
Laamanen, Tomi; Schimmer, Markus & Reuter, Emmanuelle: Performance der Schweizer Privatbanken 2012 : Eine Branche im Wandel. Zürich : KPMG, 2012.
Laamanen, Tomi; Schimmer, Markus & Reuter, Emmanuelle: Strategischer Wandel im Schweizer Private Banking : Eine Transformation im Zeitraffer. In: Swiss Financial Services Newsletter (2013), 1, S. 4-7.
Hintermann, Christian; Kühne, Ivan; Laamanen, Tomi & Schimmer, Markus: Performance der Schweizer Privatbanken 2013 : Stabilisierung auf tiefem Niveau. Zurich : KPMG Switzerland, 2013.
Laamanen, Tomi; Schimmer, Markus & Reuter, Emmanuelle: Private Banking Survey 2013: Success Through Innovation : Achieving Sustainability and Client-Centricity in Swiss Private Banking. KPMG Switzerland, 2013.
HSG Profile Area SoM - Responsible Corporate Competitiveness (RoCC)
Keywords Swiss Private Banking
Methods Empirical research based on accounting data, interviews, surveys, and secondary research.
Funders External Financing
Partners KPMG Switzerland
Id 225309
Project Range Institute/School
Project Status completed
Subjects business studies
Topics > Evolution of the Swiss Private Banking industry since the banking crisis > Performance of Swiss private banks > Enablers of Swiss private banks strategic changes > Internationalization of Swiss private banks > Businesss Model Innovation in Swiss Private Banking
Project Type industry project
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