Alphastreams is a mobile health information system that supports customers of pharmacies in everyday situations.

Access to products and services of pharmacies takes usually place at the physical point of sale. But as soon as customers leave, interaction stops and pharmacies have a very limited view on everyday needs and health-relevant behavior of their customers. As a result, services, health support and control of success are restricted.

Therefore, alphastreams has three objectives: to investigate (1) how pharmacies can support customers in everyday situations, (2) what customer needs are and (3) how to design an information systems that supports the interaction between pharmacies and their customers.

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Commencement Date1 December 2010
Contributors Volland, Dirk (Project Manager); Kowatsch, Tobias (Project Worker) & Fleisch, Elgar (Project Manager)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:57
Completion Date 5 May 2014
Publications Volland, Dirk; Korak, Klaus & Kowatsch, Tobias: Improving Patients' Treatment Adherence by Enhancing the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship with IT, Presentation at the 4th Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics. The Fourth Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics (WHITE 2013). Washington, DC, USA, 15 November 2013.
Volland, Dirk: Connecting Pharmacies and Patients Beyond Face-to-face Encounters. TIE Tagung 2013 der Wissenschaftlichen Kommission für Technologie, Innovation und Entrepreneurship. St. Gallen, 25 September 2013.
Volland, Dirk & Eurich, Markus: ICT-enabled Value Creation in Community Pharmacies. 2014. - The International Conference on Information Systems 2014. - Auckland.
Keywords pharmacies, compliance, relationship, patients, information system
Methods Design Science Research
Funders other
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Project Range School
Project Status ongoing
Subjects information management
Topics pharmacies, compliance, relationship, patients, information system
Project Type applied research project
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