Successful Procurement in Volatile Buying Markets


During the last few years, the ups and downs of consumption factor's market prices, exchange rates, and various crises, which led to supply chain disruptions, have caused serious turbulence in the manufacturing industry. As a consequence, plenty of manufacturers now seek to improve their volatility management on the supply side. The target of this project is to identify successful procurement strategies, concepts and methods in regard to market price risks, exchange rate risks, and disruption risks. In this way, we strive to support manufacturing industry by creating practice insights in how to successfully manage these challenges.

Manufacturing companies and procurement organizations who want to take part in the study can register at our benchmarking website. Every participant will receive a detailed and anonymized report free of charge including own state compared to state of successful practice companies.


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Commencement Date20 February 2014
Contributors Fischl, Maria (Project Manager) & Klein, Maximilian (Project Worker)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:57
Completion Date 20 January 2015
Publications Klein, Maximilian; Fischl, Maria & Vollrath, Carsten: Erfolgreich beschaffen in volatilen Märkten : Aktuelle Benchmarking-Erkenntnisse zum Beschaffungsrisikomanagement. In: Beschaffungsmanagement: Fachzeitschrift für Einkauf und Supply Management (2015), 04, S. 12-13.
Klein, Maximilian; Fischl, Maria & Vollrath, Carsten: Approvisionnement: réussir sur des marchés volatils : Le benchmarking de l'Université de Saint-Gall livre ses premiers résultats. In: Revue de l'acheteur: Magazine spécialisé pour les achats et le supply management (2015), 04, S. 16-17.
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Keywords benchmarking, procurement, procurement price risks, disruption risks
Methods Benchmarking (TECTEM)
Funders External Financing
Partners IMP AG, Endress + Hauser Flowtech AG, Rehau AG, Weidmann Plastics R&D, Chocolat Frey AG, Stäubli Sargans AG
Id 229437
Project Range Institute/School
Project Status completed
Subjects business studies
Topics - Successful practices (strategies, methods, tools) in volatility management - Intra- and inter-company collaboration in volatility management - Performance in volatility management
Project Type benchmarking project
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