Job Crafting IS - Balancing job demands and job resources


The Job Crafting IS (JCIS) project aims to develop and evaluate an Information System aiming to support employees in analyzing their job situation and taking individual actions to balance job demands and job resources in order to prevent negative health and productivity outcomes, such as stress and burnout, or productivity loss.

Today's work environments are characterized by steadily increasing demands, such as high workloads and job-related pressure, resulting in negative health and productivity outcomes for employees, organizations and society. In this regard, the concept of job crafting suggests that individuals can take actions to reduce imbalances of job demands and available job resources by proactively shaping the characteristics of their jobs. However, job crafting interventions require trained work and health specialists, resulting in restricted dissemination in practice.

Information systems supporting employees' job crafting activities, denoted as job crafting information systems (JCISs), have the potential to be both cost-efficient and effective in preventing negative health and productivity outcomes, such as stress and burnout. Building on foundations derived from IS research, psychology and research on organizational and public health, the JCIS project aims to develop and evaluate an information system tailored to the individual needs of employees in crafting their own job situations. Both individual antecedents (e.g. self-efficacy) as well as organizational factors (e.g. team climate) are considered as important predictors of successful JCIS-based interventions. Furthermore, the project focuses on the relationship of intrinsic motivation and continued use in this context.

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Commencement Date1 September 2013
Contributors Fleisch, Elgar (Project Manager); Kehr, Flavius (Project Worker); Bauer, Georg & Jenny, Gregor (Project Worker)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:58
Completion Date 1 September 2014
Publications Kowatsch, Tobias; Wahle, Fabian; Filler, Andreas; Kehr, Flavius; Volland, Dirk; Haug, Severin; Jenny, Gregor; Bauer, Georg F. & Fleisch, Elgar: Towards Short-Term Detection of Job Strain in Knowledge Workers with a Minimal-Invasive Information System Service: Theoretical Foundation and Experimental Design. 2015. - 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015. - M√ľnster, Germany.
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Keywords mobile Health, job demands, job resources, job crafting, continued use
Methods machine learning, data mining, survey, experiment
Funders self financing
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Project Range HSG Internal
Project Status completed
Subjects other research area
Topics mobile Health, job demands, job resources, job crafting, continued use
Project Type applied research project
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