European Homicide Research Group


The members of the European Homicide Research Group aim to facilitate research on homicide in Erope and maximize international dissemination of homicide research results

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Commencement Date1 January 2015
Contributors Walser, Simone (Project Worker); Markwalder, Nora (Project Manager) & Killias, Martin (Project Manager)
Datestamp 10 Jan 2021 15:54
Completion Date 1 January 2025
Publications Liem, Marieke; Barber, Catherine; Markwalder, Nora; Killias, Martin & Nieuwbeerta, Paul (2011) Homicide-Suicide and other violent deaths: an international comparison. Forensic Science International, 207 (1-3). 70-76. ISSN 0379-0738
Markwalder, Nora : Robbery Homicide: A Swiss and International Perspective. Z├╝rich : Schulthess, 2012, - ISBN 978-3-7255-6500-9.
Markwalder, Nora & Killias, Martin: Homicide in Switzerland. In Liem, Marieke & Pridemore, William Alex (ed.): Handbook of European Homicide Research : Patterns, Explanations, and Country Studies. New York, NY : Springer New York, 2012, S. 343-354.
Killias, Martin & Markwalder, Nora: Firearms and violence in Europe. In Pridemore, William Alex & Liem, Marieke (ed.): Handbook of European Homicide Research. Patterns, Explanations, and Country Studies. New York : Springer, 2011, S. 261-272.
Killias, Martin; Markwalder, Nora; Walser, Simone & Dilitz, Carine: Homicide and Suicide in Switzerland over twenty years (1980-2004): A study based on forensic medicine, police and court files. SNF, 2009.
Keywords Homicide research, Criminal Law, Criminology, International
Methods Statistical Analysis, International Comparison
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Project Range HSG + other universities
Project Status periodic
Subjects law
Topics Homicide, Criminal Law, Criminology, International Research,
Project Type fundamental research project
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