Discursive families: a comparison of magazine advertising in two countries


The Discursive Families Network research project fostered links between researchers interested in narratives around the family and representations of family life in popular culture. It originates from Leverhulme Network project F/00158/CS and seeks to disseminate some of the findings from this network and to encourage researchers working in this area to connect with each other.

The Discursive Families Network project is a collaboration between The University of Edinburgh (David Marshall), University of Lancaster (Margaret Hogg), University of Oxford (Tanja Schneider), University of Sydney (Teresa Davis) and University of Monash (Alan Petersen).

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Commencement Date1 January 2011
Contributors Marshall, David; Davis, Teresa (Project Worker); Hogg, Margaret K. (Project Worker); Petersen, Alan (Project Worker) & Schneider, Tanja (Project Worker)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:58
Completion Date 1 January 2012
Publications Schneider, Tanja: Imagined families: Technology and care in advertising. 2017. - Remaking Families: Technologies, media and consumption (an international workshop). - School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of St. Gallen.
Davis, Teresa; Hogg, Margaret; Marshall, David; Schneider, Tanja & Petersen, Alan (2019) The knowing mother: Maternal knowledge and the reinforcement of the feminine consuming subject in magazine advertisements. Journal of Consumer Culture, published online first
Davis, Teresa; Hogg, Margaret; Marshall, David; Petersen, Alan & Schneider, Tanja (2018) Families and Food: Marketing, Consuming and Managing (Guest editorial). European Journal of Marketing, 52 (12). 2270-2272.
Keywords Family, popular culture, media, advertising,
Methods (Visual) discourse analysis, archival research
Funders other
Principal The Leverhulme Trust: International Network Grant
Id 245175
Project Range HSG Internal
Reference Number F/00158/CS
Project Status completed
Subjects social sciences
Topics Family, popular culture, media, advertising,
Project Type fundamental research project
URI http://www.business-school.ed.ac.uk/discursive-families/
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