Lowering the financing cost of Swiss renewable energy infrastructure: Reducing the policy risk premium and attracting new investor types


With decreasing technology cost, the financing cost of renewable energy projects becomes a key concern for scaling up investment. This project (a) quantifies the policy risk premium required by investors, (b) compares expected to realized risk for Swiss investors at home vs. abroad, and (c) investigates the role of institutional investors in reducing capital cost. Based on a unique dataset, we derive recommendations for investment-grade policies.

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Commencement Date1 October 2015
Contributors Ebers, Anna (Project Worker); Hettich, Peter (Project Worker); Karneyeva, Yuliya (Project Worker); Salm, Sarah (Project Worker) & W├╝stenhagen, Rolf (Project Manager)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:58
Completion Date 30 June 2017
Keywords Renewable Energy, Price of Policy Risk, Investment, Energy Policy, Wind Energy, Institutional Investors
Methods Conjoint Analysis, Interviews, Verbal Protocol Analysis.
Funders External Financing
Partners IFF-HSG, Prof. Dr. Peter Hettich. Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE). SCCER CREST.
Id 245970
Project Range Institute/School
Reference Number SI/501293-01
Project Status ongoing
Subjects business studies
Topics Investor Behaviour, Energy
Project Type applied research project
URI http://www.iwoe.unisg.ch/de/lehrstuhlmanagementee
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