The Use of Design Thinking for Requirements Engineering


With "Design Thinking for Requirements Engineering" (DT4RE) we want to actively share our knowledge and experiences, and we want to foster the dialog between practitioners and researchers from both communities, Requirements Engineering and Design Thinking.
The collection of methods and templates has been developed, continuously refined, and tested over 10 years in various research and industry projects. Currently, the collection comprises the step-by-step introduction of 18 methods and complementing templates to allow for a systematic application in projects and workshops. But this is just a starting point. In the future, we want to upgrade DT4RE with even more useful and practical methods. And, we will add tutorials of how to use them in particular project settings.

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Acronym DT4RE
Contributors Hehn, Jennifer; Uebernickel, Prof. Dr. Falk; Méndez Fernandez, PD Dr. Daniel & Brenner, Prof. Dr. Walter
Datestamp 10 Apr 2019 19:51
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Keywords Design Thinking, Requirements Engineering, Tools, Methods, Templates
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