Handling COVID-19 in hospitals


Topic: With the unfolding pandemic, we explore how hospitals cope with COVID-19 aim to contribute to a dynamic conceptualization of organizational resilience. These contributions also aim to better understand the handling of crises that unfold over time, instead of those that occur as a discrete event.

Approach: Unlike often retrospective studies, we accompany two hospitals directly for a comparative, longitudinal case study. The qualitative methods include observations, documents, repeated interviews on a daily and weekly interval, retrospective interviews, and focus groups. To analyse these process data, a contextualist framework is substantiated with a content analysis of central themes unfolding over time.

Results: This study aims to contribute to a more detailed understanding of (a) a crisis unfolding as a disruptive process (instead of as an event) and of (b) a dynamic conceptualization of organizational resilience. In addition, we contribute and actively feed back the emerging insights to the practitioners to support them in drawing crucial lessons learned for future pandemics, and for developing hospital management.

Duration: Beginning in March 12, 2020, and ongoing (depending on the unfolding pandemic).

Additional Informationsunspecified
Commencement Date10 March 2020
Contributors Tuckermann, Prof. Dr. Heinz Harald (Project Manager) & Tschopp, Flavio (Project Worker)
Datestamp 03 Sep 2020 19:51
Keywords Hospitals; organizational resilience; COVID-19
Partners Kantonsspital St.Gallen, Kantonsspital Graub√ľnden
Id 247899
Project Range HSG Internal
Project Status ongoing
Topics Hospitals coping with COVID-19
Project Type applied research project
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