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The use of social media increased on a rapid basis over last years. Social Media Influencers (SMI) as well as marketers have recognized the advantage and high reach of User Generated Content (UGC) and have recognized the potential of SMI as a business model. Although numerous studies suggest that social networks are heavily used, especially by millennials the focus of tourism research with regard to their influenceability (through necessary / sufficient conditions) by SMIs is little researched. Therefore, a research gap emerges, which is manifested within the literature analysis of this underlying research endeavor. Preliminary results led to a clear categorization of influencers and their characteristics, operationalizations, and a first Processual-Model of Influencing, based on a modernized SOR-approach.
Fairly, SMIs are also partially used from Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) or tourism service providers – therefore from for-profit firms as well as from governmental agencies - already. However, the focus on the use of social networks and influencer marketing in contextual tourist areas varies considerably. This discrepancy of perceived relevance shows impressively that many tourism providers and DMOs are not sure whether and under which contexts it makes sense to include a lower or higher value for SMI in their budgets or what influence SMI generates. This underlying research endeavor categorizes SMIs in different characteristics and impacts, identifies various influence and persuasion factors and offers further research potentials around the SMI-employment in tourism.

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Contributors Gasser, Florian
Datestamp 09 Dec 2020 16:28
Keywords Influencer Marketing, Social Media Influencer (SMI), Tourism Destinations; Communication Theory, Social Sells, Word of Mouth, Market Mavens, User Generated Content, Persuasion Knowledge Mod-el, Smart Tourism, Tourist Consumer Behaviour
Methods Experimental Design, Structured Literature Review
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Project Status ongoing
Project Type dissertation project
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