Human resource and corporate social responsibility concepts between fashionable luxury, old conflicts of interests, and new lines of flight


The present project tackles current human resource (HR) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) concepts in Swiss large-scale enterprises. Leaving the commonly used categories aside, it aims to approach the different endeavours by moving beyond fashionable terms like "managing diversity", "health care", "work-life balance", or "corporate volunteering". By means of a multi-perspective qualitative research design, the different constructions are explored and discussed in view of stag-nancy and movement. The results suggest three different main discourses or "interpretative reper-toires" (Potter & Wetherell, 1987) upon which actors currently draw when making sense of the different HR and CSR endeavours: (1) ideal worker luxury in the centre of the organization, (2) interests of minori-ties and good deeds on the margins of the organization, and (3) different voices within the overall organization. Modelled on the first two repertoires, the different endeavours turn out to be conceived of either as a fair-weather luxury in order to conserve the "ideal workforce" or as well-meant perks for clearly definable minority groups. Finally, the third repertoire approaches the concepts from a broader corporate cultural background. Modelled on the "voices repertoire", the different HR and CSR endeavours are conceived of as different ways to bridge the dichotomous spheres and encourage a variety of voices to have their say. From this point of view, drawing on the interrelatedness and common grounds of the different concepts means tapping their full potential for organizational (as well as so-cietal) change. Therefore, the present project offers a perspective on differences that integrates currently well-known fields in management such as "managing diversity", "human resource management", "corporate social responsibility", and, finally, "organizational change management".

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Commencement Date1 October 2003
Contributors Ostendorp, Anja (Project Manager)
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
Completion Date 15 November 2005
Publications Ostendorp, Anja: Human resource and corporate social responsibility concepts between fashionable luxury, old conflicts of interests, and new lines of flight. Univ. Zürich, Thesis, 2006.
Ostendorp, Anja & Steyaert, Chris: Diversity and differences in organizations between normalization, marginalization, and alterization - a discourse psychological approach. 2006. - Congress on Qualitative Diversity Research: Looking Ahead. - Leuven, Belgium.
Ostendorp, Anja: Möglichkeiten für KMU und Grossunternehmen bei der Umsetzung eines Trends: Life Balance als Beitrag zu einer Kultur der Unterschiede? In Esslinger, Adelheid Susanne & Schobert, Deniz B. (ed.): Erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Work-Life Balance in Organisationen : Strategien, Konzepte, Massnahmen. Wiesbaden : Deutscher Universitätsverlag, 2007, S. 187-211.
Steyaert, Chris & Ostendorp, Anja: Wie unterschiedlich können Unterschiede sein? Differenz zwischen Normalisierung, Marginalisierung und Alterisierung. "interkulturell/international: arbeiten, führen + kooperieren". Dokumentationsband der 14. SGAOP Tagung, 2006,
Ostendorp, Anja & Steyaert, Chris (2009) How different can differences be(come)? Interpretative repertoires of diversity concepts in Swiss-based organizations. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 25 (4). 374-384. ISSN 0956-5221
Keywords Human resource concepts, corporate social responsibility, corporate culture, discourse analysis, differences, organizational change
Funders SNF scholarship (advanced)
Id 25990
Project Status completed
Subjects business studies
Project Type dissertation project
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