SOA4All will help to realize a world where billions of parties are exposing and consuming services via advanced Web technology: the main objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive framework and infrastructure that integrates complementary and evolutionary technical advances (i.e., SOA, context management, Web principles, Web 2.0 and Semantic Web) into a coherent and domain-independent service delivery platform.

Additional Informationsunspecified
Commencement Date1 March 2008
Contributors Schnabel, Florian (Project Manager)
Institute/School MCM -Institute for Media and Communication Management
Completion Date 31 February 2011
Keywords SOA, end user empowerment, lightweight process modelling, lightweight composition, semantics, context awareness, web services
Methods Process modelling, service composition, semantic integration
Funders EU – 7th Framework Programme
Id 52145
Project Range HSG Internal
Project Status ongoing
Subjects information management
Topics Lightweight process modelling, end user empowerment, web services
Project Type applied research project
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