Pilotprojekt Startkapital/Pilot Project Seed Capital


This project deals with the disability insurance system (IV) in Switzerland, examining the incentives for disability insurance recipients to take up a job or increase their hours of work. Using micro data and micro-econometric evaluation techniques, the project investigates job and health related outcomes of disability insurance recipients over a period of three years.

Additional Informationsunspecified
Commencement Date1 June 2009
Contributors Lechner, Michael (Project Manager); Bütler, Monika (Project Manager); Deuchert, Eva (Project Worker); Staubli, Stefan (Project Worker) & Thiemann, Petra (Project Worker)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:57
Completion Date October 2011
Keywords Disability insurance Switzerland
Methods Microeconometrics
Funders External Financing
Principal Bundesamt für Sozialversicherung, Bern
Id 60945
Project Range Institute/School
Project Status completed
Subjects other research area
Topics Disability, Health, Labor Markets
Project Type applied research project
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