Automotive Reloaded


Automotive Reloaded is an Open Space Experts Community initiated by T-Systems, the trade journal automotiveIT and the Center for Innovation at the University of St. Gallen. The idea of Automotive Reloaded is to create and establish a regular conversation plattform for industry experts and researchers to discuss leading edge automotive topics and elaborate on cross industrial solutions.

The first Open Space was on June 17, 2010. More than 80 participants from 40 companies were looking for innovative, solution-oriented approaches and engaged in open dialog about a number of topics without agendas or other limiting concerns. The result: excitement and fascinating ideas.

Another session will follow in fall 2010. Until then, the dialog initiated during the initial session continues in a Facebook group, a fitting web 2.0 platform.

Additional Informationsunspecified
Commencement Date1 February 2010
Contributors Henkel, Sven (Project Manager); Hildebrand, Christian (Project Worker) & Tomczak, Torsten (Project Manager)
Datestamp 16 Sep 2022 10:57
Completion Date 9 July 2020
Keywords Automotive Industry, Cross Industrial Solutions, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Methods Open Space
Funders External Financing
Partners T-Systems International GmbH (Thomas Spreitzer, CMO), automotiveIT (Domink Ortlepp, Herausgeber, Geschäftsleitung)
Id 68113
Project Range HSG Internal
Project Status ongoing
Subjects business studies
Topics Automotive Industries, Trends, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Consumer Behavior, Cross Industrial Solutions
Project Type industry project
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