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    Analyzing and optimizing international manufacturing networks – learnings from the field
    (Nomos, 2021)
    International manufacturing networks have the potentialto deliver a wide range of capabilities. However, sound structureand a systematic management approach are crucial to realize thefull potential. In this article, we illustrate the applicability, strengthsand weaknesses of various tools and methods to analyze and optim-ize international manufacturing networks. Based on a case studyof a German specialty chemicals manufacturer with 19 sites world-wide, we outline procedure and identify critical success criteria foran analysis and implementation phase. The results of the researchserve as an orientation for managers with similar challenges and as a foundation forfurther research.
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    Giving a voice to global production : rethinking global operations strategy
    (Universität St. Gallen, 2023-02-20)
    In the highly competitive and global business environment, which is also characterized by rapid technological changes and increasing product diversity, the management of global production networks contributes to ensure competitiveness. Yet, in order to actually leverage network potentials, network objectives, configuration and coordination have to be consistent with the overarching corporate strategy. In this context, any strategic decision can influence the structure and management of global production networks and, in the worst case, permanently harm network capabilities through a strategic misjudgment. It is important to understand how global production needs to be integrated into strategic decisions in order to avoid strategic misalignment. This research aims to ensure that global production receives sufficient attention in corporate strategy and strategic decision making. The thesis is divided into a theoretical, empirical and conceptual part. A systematic literature review forms the basis of this research and identifies decision categories relevant to the management of production networks. The empirical part includes a quantitative analysis of a survey as well as a qualitative analysis of expert interviews. Important findings regarding decision distribution and methods for global production involvement have been obtained. These findings are conceptualized under a theoretical research framework on practices to strengthen the voice of global production in strategic decision-making. During a final case study, the applicability of the practices was explored in detail. The research findings clearly indicated the importance of involving global production in strategic decision-making to ensure alignment between corporate and production network strategy. In the recent past, global pandemics and other disruptive events have highlighted how essential connected operations and supply chains are not only for corporate competitiveness but also for human wealth. It is time for the voice of global production to be given its proper status in the company and in the boardroom.
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    Benchmarking: Global Production Strategies. General Report
    With 69 participants, the study provides an informative insight into global production strat-egy. Therefore, the results can be used as a guideline for building competitive advantages through a sustainable production strategy.