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Name Daniel Wentzel
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School ICI - Institute for Customer Insight

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  1. Project Fleisch, Elgar; Kehr, Flavius; Kowatsch, Tobias & Wentzel, Daniel (2013) Privacy Paradox - Fundamental research on users' tendency to freely provide (health) data despite general worries [fundamental research project] Official URL .
  2. Project Henkel, Sven; von Walter, Benjamin & Wentzel, Daniel (2008) REWE Group: Employee Satisfaction Survey [consulting project] .
  3. Project von Walter, Benjamin; Wentzel, Daniel & Tomczak, Torsten (2010) Electrolux Switzerland: Publicity and employees [applied research project] .
  4. Project Tomczak, Torsten; Herrmann, Andreas; Esch, Franz-Rudolf; Henkel, Sven; Wentzel, Daniel; von Walter, Benjamin; Heidig, Wibke & Erz, Antonia (2005) Behavioral Branding [applied research project] .
  5. Project Schögel, Marcus; Tomczak, Torsten; Schulten, Matthias & Wentzel, Daniel (2005) Customer Interaction Model of the Future - Kooperationsprojekt mit McKinsey & Company [applied research project] .
  6. Item Wentzel, Daniel; von Walter, Benjamin & Scharfenberger, Philipp (2021) Grounded procedures of connection are not created equal. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, (44). ISSN 0140-525X
  7. Item Henkel, Sven; Wentzel, Daniel & Tomczak, Torsten: Mitarbeiterkommunikation aus Sicht der Markenführung. In Handbuch Mitarbeiterkommunikation.. Wiesbaden : Springer Gabler, 2020,
  8. Item Nägele, Nora; von Walter, Benjamin; Scharfenberger, Philipp & Wentzel, Daniel (2020) “Touching” services: tangible objects create an emotional connection to services even before their first use. Business Research (BuR), 13 (2). 741-766. ISSN 1866-8658 [img]
  9. Item von Walter, Benjamin; Wentzel, Daniel & Tomczak, Torsten (2016) Securing Frontline Employee Support after an Ethical Scandal: The Moderating Impact of Response Strategies. Journal of Service Research : JSR, 19 (4). 417-432. ISSN 1094-6705
  10. Item Kehr, Flavius; Wentzel, Daniel; Kowatsch, Tobias & Fleisch, Elgar: Rethinking Privacy Decisions: Pre-Existing Attitudes, Pre-Existing Emotional States, and a Situational Privacy Calculus. 2015. - 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015. - Münster, Germany. [img]