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Name Chris Steyaert
Title Prof. PhD
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
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Phone +41 71 224 7044
Main Focuses The research themes include organizing creativity in entrepreneurship, innovation and cities; dialogical processes of diversity and difference, language and translation in multinationals, forms of performing/writing research, forms of experiential and aesthetical learning
Further fields of research Dialogical processes of diversity and difference, Innovation and cities, Creativity and social processes, Forms of experiential and aesthetical learning, Language and translation in multinationals, Forms of performing/writting research, Qualitative methodologies
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Steyaert, Chris; Beyes, Timon & Metelmann, Jörg (2012) Practicing Humanities and Social Sciences in Management Education [other project type] .
  2. Project Steyaert, Chris; Nentwich, Julia C. & Hoyer, Patrizia (2010) Organizational Psychology, Mapping Discursive Dynamics [other project type] .
  3. Project Resch, Doerte; Müller, Björn; Hoyer, Patrizia; Schulz, Florian & Steyaert, Chris (2008) Beratung und Intervention von Individuen und Organisationen [applied research project] .
  4. Project Steyaert, Chris; Marti, Laurent & Michels, Christoph (2010) Disclosing New Worlds: Artistic Entrepreneuring through Designed Fictions [fundamental research project] .
  5. Project Steyaert, Chris; Soccodato, Nicola; Ostendorp, Anja & Gaibrois, Claudine (2005) The Effects on Professional Identity of Language Policies in Multilingual Organizations [applied research project] .
  6. Project Jacobs, Claus D. & Steyaert, Chris (2005) Technology in Action - Recursive Social Processes of Organizing Grid Technology Development [fundamental research project] .
  7. Project Steyaert, Chris; Soccodato, Nicola; Gaibrois, Claudine & Ostendorp, Anja (2005) Auswirkungen der Sprachpolitik auf die berufliche Identität in mehrsprachigen Organisationen [applied research project] .
  8. Project Steyaert, Chris & Dominik-Battiste, Domnik (2005) How do power processes in top management teams influence the consistency of the concept of corporate strategy and resource allocation? A political perspective. [dissertation project] Official URL .
  9. Item Steyaert, Chris: Opportunities and challenges when making a career with interpretative research in International Management. 2022. - EURAM 2022. - CH-Winterthur.
  10. Item Luethy, Christina & Steyaert, Chris: Towards inclusive communities in cultural entrepreneurship: creating affective flows of belonging. 2021. - 35th RENT Conference. - Turku, Finland.