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Name Tobias Vogel
Institute/School IWI - Institute of Information Management

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  1. Item Fluegge, Barbara; Schmidt, Alexander; Raus, Marta & Vogel, Tobias: Standardised Data Models : Globalising standardisation to enhance interoperable global trade. In Tan, Yao-Hua; Bjorn-Andersen, Niels; Klein, Stefan & Rukanova, Boriana (ed.): Accelerating Global Supply Chains with IT-Innovation : ITAIDE Tools and Methods. Berlin : Springer, 2011, S. 175-200. [img]
  2. Item Nussbaumer, Martin; Vogel, Tobias & Fuchsloch, Andrea: From Cross-Organizational Business Process to Public Services. 2010. - 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2010). - Lima, Peru. [img]
  3. Item Vogel, Tobias; Schmidt, Alexander; Lemm, Alexander & Österle, Hubert (2008) Service and Document Based Interoperability for European eCustoms Solutions. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER), 3 (3). 17-37. ISSN 0718-1876 [img]
  4. Item Legner, Christine & Vogel, Tobias (2008) Leveraging Web Services for Implementing Vertical Industry Standards: A Model for Service-Based Interoperability. Electronic Markets, 18 (1). 39-52. ISSN 1019-6781
  5. Item Otto, Boris; Wende, Kristin; Schmidt, Alexander; Hüner, Kai & Vogel, Tobias: Unternehmensweites Datenqualitätsmanagement: Ordnungsrahmen und Anwendungsbeispiele. In Dinter, Barbara & Winter, Robert (ed.): Integrierte Informationslogistik. Berlin : Springer, 2008, S. 211-230. [img]
  6. Item Vogel, Tobias; Legner, Christine; Au, Christian; Augenstein, Christoph; Loehe, Jan; Schnabel, Florian & Wittmer, Jan: SOA for Automotive: Konzept m:n-fähiger Web Services für das überbetriebliche Änderungsmanagement. , 2007, BE HSG / CC BN3 / Automotive 1.
  7. Item Vogel, Tobias & Osl, Philipp: Stärkung der Integrationsfähigkeit durch Prozessharmonisierung und Stammdatenmanagement auf Basis einer globalen ERP-Lösung. 2007. [img]
  8. Item Legner, Christine & Vogel, Tobias: Design Principles for B2B Services - An Evaluation of Two Alternative Service Designs. 2007. - 5th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC). - Salt Lake City, Utah.
  9. Item Legner, Christine & Vogel, Tobias: Service-based Interoperability - Leveraging Web Services for Implementing Industry Standards. 2007. - 20th Bled eConference "eMergence: Merging and Emerging Technologies, Processes, and Institutions". - Bled, Slovenia. [img]
  10. Item Legner, Christine; Vogel, Tobias; Loehe, Jan & Mayerl, Christian: Transforming Cross-Organizational Business Processes into Service-Oriented Architectures: Method and Application in the Automotive Industry. 2007. - 15. ITG/GI-Fachtagung Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KivS) 2007. - Bern. [img]