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Name Nadine Gatzert
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School I.VW - Institute of Insurance Economics
Main Focuses Asset-Liability Management; Enterprise Risk Management; Life insurance and embedded options; Solvency
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  1. Project Schmeiser, Hato; Eling, Martin; Gatzert, Nadine; Schuckmann, Stefan & Toplek, Denis (2006) Volkswirtschaftliche Implikationen aus dem Swiss Solvency Test [applied research project] .
  2. Project Gatzert, Nadine & Schmeiser, Hato (2008) Challenges in the Life Insurance Industry with Respect to Pricing and Risk Measurement [fundamental research project] .
  3. Project Schmeiser, Hato & Gatzert, Nadine (2006) Implicit Options in Life Insurance Contracts: Valuation and Risk Management [fundamental research project] .
  4. Item Klotzki, Udo; Bohnert, Alexander; Gatzert, Nadine & Vogelgesang, Ulrike (2018) Economies of Scale in European Life Insurance. The journal of risk finance : JRF, 19 (2). 190-207. ISSN 1526-5943
  5. Item Gatzert, Nadine; Pokutta, Sebastian & Vogl, Nikolai (2017) Convergence of Capital and Insurance Markets Consistent Pricing of Index-Linked Catastrophic Loss Instruments. The Journal of Risk and Insurance, ISSN 0022-4367
  6. Item Gatzert, Nadine & Kosub, Thomas (2017) Determinants of Policy Risks of Renewable Energy Investments. International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 11 (1). 28-45.
  7. Item Alexandrova, Maria; Bohnert, Alexander; Gatzert, Nadine & Russ, Jochen (2017) Equity-Linked Life Insurance Based on Traditional Products The Case of Select Products. European Actuarial Journal, 2 (7). 379-404. ISSN 2190-9733
  8. Item Eckert, Christian & Gatzert, Nadine (2017) Modeling Operational Risk Incorporating Reputation Risk An Integrated Analysis for Financial Firms. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 72 122-137. ISSN 0167-6687
  9. Item Bohnert, Alexander; Gatzert, Nadine & Kolb, Andreas (2016) Assessing Inflation Risk in Non-Life Insurance. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 66 86-96. ISSN 0167-6687
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