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Name Markus Schimmer
Institute/School IfB - Institute of Management
Main Focuses competition, interfirm-rivalry, industry evolution, market aggregation and convergence (in financial services), growth in saturated markets (i.e., product market "fracking", B2B2C), digitization in Financial Services, digital business models, big data, analytics-as-a-service, offshoring & crowdsourcing
Further fields of research Strategische Gruppen, Corporate Governance

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Luger, Johannes; Raisch, Sebastian & Schimmer, Markus (2018) Dynamic Balancing of Exploration and Exploitation: The Contingent Benefits of Ambidexterity. Organization Science, 29 (3). 449-470. ISSN 1047-7039
  2. Item Schimmer, Markus; Laamanen, Tomi; Brunier, Frederick; Meyer, Thomas D.; Trantopoulos, Konstantinos; Eichenberger, Loris; Centonze, Mauro; Rickelt, Anne & Böckmann, Astrid: Switzerland's TOP 500 Fueling Transformational Growth. Accenture, 2017. [img]
  3. Project Schimmer, Markus (2008) Essays on Competitive Dynamics: Strategic Groups, Strategic Moves and Performance in the Global Insurance Industry [dissertation project] .
  4. Item Hettich, Erwin; Schimmer, Markus & Müller-Stewens, Günter (2015) Die Wiedergeburt der Diversifikation. Harvard Business Manager, 2015 (1). 54-61. ISSN 0174-335X [img]
  5. Item Luger, Johannes; Raisch, Sebastian & Schimmer, Markus: The Boundaries of Organizational Ambidexterity: An Evolutionary Perspective. Nr. 1 : Working paper, 2014, S. 56.
  6. Item Hettich, Erwin; Schmid, Christian & Schimmer, Markus: Unternehmens-Ökosysteme : Anpassungsstrategien in Zeiten des Wandels. In: IM+io Management 2014 (2014), 4, S. 66-72.
  7. Item Schimmer, Markus; Laamanen, Tomi; Paul, Poushali; Brunswicker, Sabine & Visnjic, Ivanka: Performance Effects of Strategic Action Patterns in Rapidly Changing Environments. 2014. - 34th Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual International Conference. - Madrid, Spain.
  8. Item Schimmer, Markus: Paralyzing or Activating? Market Shocks and their Effects on Interfirm Rivalry. 2014. - 74th Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2014 "The Power of Words". - Philadelphia, PA.
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  10. Item Luger, Johannes; Raisch, Sebastian & Schimmer, Markus: The Paradox of Static and Dynamic Ambidexterity. 2013. - 73rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2013 "Capitalism in Question". - Orlando, FL.