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Name Sven Gunnar Tilo Kunisch
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IfB - Institute of Management
Address Department of Business Development and Technology
Aarhus University
Birk Centerpark 15
7400 Herning
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Main Focuses Multi-nationale und diversifizierte Unternehmen, Strategisches Management, Strategischer Wandel
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  1. Item Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Laamanen, Tomi; Schulte Steinberg, Adrian & Ambos, Björn: Organizational Practice Adoption in the MNC: A Trait Activation Theory Approach. 2019. - 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM). - Boston, MA (USA).
  2. Item Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Keil, Thomas; Boppel, Michael & Lechner, Christoph (2019) Strategic initiative portfolios: how to manage strategic challenges better than one at a time. Business Horizons, 62/4 529-537. ISSN 0007-6813
  3. Item Ambos, Björn; Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Leicht-Deobald, Ulrich & Schulte Steinberg, Adrian (2019) Unravelling Agency Relations inside the MNC: The Roles of Socialization, Goal Conflicts and Second Principals in Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships. Journal of World Business, 54 (2). 67-81. ISSN 1090-9516
  4. Item Schmid, Torsten; Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo & Laamanen, Tomi: Emergent Perspectives of Strategic Change: Toward a New Paradigm? [Conference or Workshop Item]
  5. Item Müller, Johanna & Kunisch, Sven (2018) Central Perspectives and Debates in Strategic Change Research. International journal of management reviews : IJMR, 20 (2). 457-482. ISSN 1460-8545
  6. Item Hauptmann, Gunnar & Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo (2017) Mind the Gaps! An Assessment of Research on Managerial Perception Gaps. Die Unternehmung, 71 (1). 30-49. ISSN 0042-059X
  7. Item Kunisch, Sven; Bartunek, Jean; Müller, Johanna & Huy, Quy (2017) Time in Strategic Change Research. Academy of Management Annals, 11 (2). 1005-1064. ISSN 1005-1064
  8. Item Kunisch, Sven (2017) Benchmarking Corporate Headquarters: Instrumental, but not Strategic? Long range planning : LRP, 50 (1). 30-32. ISSN 0024-6301
  9. Item Kunisch, Sven (2017) Does Headquarter Structure Follow Corporate Strategy? An Empirical Study of the Relations between Corporate Strategic Change and Changes in the Size of Corporate Headquarters. Journal of business economics and management, 18 (3). 390-411. ISSN 1611-1699
  10. Item Schulte Steinberg, Adrian & Kunisch, Sven: The Agency Perspective for Studying Headquarters-Subsidiary Relations: An Assessment. In Ambos, Tina C.; Ambos, Björn & Birkinshaw, Julian (ed.): Perspectives on headquarters-subsidiary relationships in the contemporary MNC. Greenwich, CT : Jai Press, 2016, S. 87-120. [img]