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Name Sven Gunnar Tilo Kunisch
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IoMS - Institute of Management & Strategy
Address Department of Business Development and Technology
Aarhus University
Birk Centerpark 15
7400 Herning
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Main Focuses Multi-nationale und diversifizierte Unternehmen, Strategisches Management, Strategischer Wandel
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Ambos, Björn; Schulte Steinberg, Adrian & Kunisch, Sven (2013) Towards the Microfoundations of Knowledge Flows: An Empirical Investigation of Individual-Level Antecedents of Organizational Practice Adoption [fundamental research project] .
  2. Project Kunisch, Sven (2013) Spotlight on the Corporate Apex: Investigating Corporate CEOs and Their Corporate-Level Impact [fundamental research project] .
  3. Project Kunisch, Sven (2013) Exploring Perception Gaps between Centralized and Decentralized Units in a Multi-Business Company [consulting project] .
  4. Project Campbell, Andrew; Kunisch, Sven & Müller-Stewens, Günter (2009) Corporate-Level Functional Strategies [applied research project] .
  5. Project Kunisch, Sven (2011) The Dynamics of the Strategic Apex - Investigating Antecedents and Outcomes of Corporate Headquarters Change [dissertation project] .
  6. Item Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Laamanen, Tomi; Schulte Steinberg, Adrian & Ambos, Björn: Organizational Practice Adoption in the MNC: A Trait Activation Theory Approach. 2019. - 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM). - Boston, MA (USA).
  7. Item Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Keil, Thomas; Boppel, Michael & Lechner, Christoph (2019) Strategic initiative portfolios: how to manage strategic challenges better than one at a time. Business Horizons, 62/4 529-537. ISSN 0007-6813
  8. Item Ambos, Björn; Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo; Leicht-Deobald, Ulrich & Schulte Steinberg, Adrian (2019) Unravelling Agency Relations inside the MNC: The Roles of Socialization, Goal Conflicts and Second Principals in Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships. Journal of World Business, 54 (2). 67-81. ISSN 1090-9516
  9. Item Schmid, Torsten; Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo & Laamanen, Tomi: Emergent Perspectives of Strategic Change: Toward a New Paradigm? [Conference or Workshop Item]
  10. Item Müller, Johanna & Kunisch, Sven (2018) Central Perspectives and Debates in Strategic Change Research. International journal of management reviews : IJMR, 20 (2). 457-482. ISSN 1460-8545