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Name Emmanuelle Reuter
Title Dr.
Institute/School IWOE - Institute for Economy and the Environment
Address IWÖ-HSG
Büro 50-005
Tigerbergstrasse 2
9000 St. Gallen
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Phone +41 71 224 2896
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Blondiau, Yuliya & Reuter, Emmanuelle (2019) Why is the grass greener on the other side? Decision modes and location choice by wind energy investors. Journal of Business Research, (102). 44-55.
  2. Project Beritelli, Prof. Dr. Pietro; Reuter, Dr. Emmanuelle & Bazzi, Dr. Daniel (2011) Innotour Projekt Nr.401 - Destinationsstrukturen der 3. Generation - Der Anschluss zum Markt [applied research project] .
  3. Item Reuter, Emmanuelle & Loock, Moritz (2017) Empowering Local Electricity Markets : A survey study from Switzerland, Norway, Spain and Germany. [img]
  4. Item Reuter, Emmanuelle: Forecasting and market reality: Exploring the future of e-mobility. St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies. 2017.
  5. Item Loock, Moritz; Reuter, Emmanuelle & von der Tann, Conrad: Ideal-type business models in local smart grids. 2016.
  6. Item Reuter, Emmanuelle: Reinventing the Utility: Successful Strategic Renewal in the Energy Industry. St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies. St.Gallen, 2016.
  7. Item Reuter, Emmanuelle: Strategic Transformation in the German Energy Industry. Strategic Management Society Conference. Berlin, 2016.
  8. Item Reuter, Emmanuelle: Unpacking instructional influence and its ties to cognitive load in CEOs’ frame updating. Academy of Management Review paper development workshop. ERASMUS Rotterdam, 2016.
  9. Project Gamma, Dr. Karoline; Wüstenhagen, Prof. Dr. Rolf & Reuter, Dr. Emmanuelle Consumer acceptance of electric mobility .
  10. Project Reuter, Dr. Emmanuelle; Wüstenhagen, Prof. Dr. Rolf & Gamma, Karoline (2017) Investor acceptance of electric mobility .