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Name Elena Denisova-Schmidt
Title Dr.
Institute/School SHSS - School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Phone +41 71 224 2581
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Main Focuses Russland, Ukraine, Korruption im Hochschulwesen
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  1. Project Denisova-Schmidt, Elena (2012) Bilingualisms Upgrade Module (BILIUM) [applied research project] .
  2. Project Denisova-Schmidt, Elena (2012) Forming Values and Stereotypes in the Perception of Corruption by Students in Russia [fundamental research project] .
  3. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena : Breaking the Bonds of Corruption: From Academic Dishonesty to Informal Business Practices in Post-Soviet Ukraine. Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2023, - ISBN 9780674294295.
  4. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena: Everyday Life in Berlin in the early 2000s. Intercultural and Intracultural Peculiarities in the Merger of East and West Berlin from the Perspective of Russia and Berlin: An Empirical Study. Discuss Data (6 March 2023).
  5. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena: Diversity and Inclusion in the European Boardroom. In Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette; Zehetgruber, Magdalena; Peters, Elisabeth & Schnitzer, Johannes (ed.): Diversity and Inclusion across languages. Insights into communicative challenges from theory and practice. Berlin : Frank&Timme, 2023, S. 189-204.
  6. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena (2023) Academic Dishonesty at Russian Universities: A Historical Overview. Mir Rossii, 32 (1). 159-181. ISSN ISSN 1811-038X [img]
  7. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena & Markovina, Irina (2023) Racism and Related Concepts in the Russian Linguistic Consciousness. Zeitschrift für Slawistik, ISSN 0044-3506
  8. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena: Academic Integrity and International Students: An Inclusive Approach. In Eaton, Sarah Elaine (ed.): International Handbook of Academic Integrity. Springer, 2023,
  9. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena: Academic Integrity through the Lens of Informality. In Curtis, Guy (ed.): Academic Integrity in the Social Sciences - Perspectives on Pedagogy and Practice. Springer, 2023,
  10. Item Denisova-Schmidt, Elena: Informal Practices in Doing Business in the Russian Far East. Discuss Data (22 December 2022).