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Name Claudine Gaibrois
Title Dr.
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
Address OPSY-HSG
Girtannerstrasse 6
9010 St. Gallen
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Main Focuses Sprachliche und kulturelle Diversität, Organisationsforschung, Qualitative Forschung
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Gaibrois, Claudine & Nentwich, Julia (2020) The dynamics of privilege: How employees of multinational corporation construct and contest the privileging effects of English proficiency. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 1-15.
  2. Item Patchareerat, Yanaprasart & Gaibrois, Claudine (ed.) Overcoming barriers, bridging boundaries and deconstructing borders : The role and perception of language use at the workplace. A comparative perspective. (2017), 106, - ISSN 1023-2044. [img]
  3. Item Gaibrois, Claudine: "It crosses all the boundaries": Hybrid language use as empowering resource. 2017. - European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS). - Copenhagen.
  4. Item Gaibrois, Claudine: We’re not there yet: New avenues for language-sensitive research in International Business. 2017. - 11th International GEM&L Conference. - Copenhagen.
  5. Item Gaibrois, Claudine: Die Sprache ist 'broken English': Wie sich Beschäftigte trotz limitierter Sprachkenntnisse Handlungsspielräume schaffen. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  6. Item Gaibrois, Claudine (2017) „Die Sprache ist ‚broken English‘“: Wie sich Beschäftigte trotz limitierter Sprachkenntnisse Handlungsspielräume schaffen. Zeitschrift für Diversitätsforschung und -management : ZDfm, 2 (1). 7-21. ISSN 2367-3060
  7. Item Gaibrois, Claudine & Steyaert, Chris (2017) Beyond possession and competition: Investigating cooperative aspects of power in multilingual organizations. International journal of cross cultural management : CCM, 17 (1). 69-84. ISSN 1470-5958
  8. Item Gaibrois, Claudine: Sprachbedingte Über- und Unterlegenheit in mehrsprachigen Arbeitsumfeldern: Von der Macht, eine Sprache zu beherrschen. In: avenue 1 (2017),
  9. Item Gaibrois, Claudine (2017) “It crosses all the boundaries”: Unconventional and hybrid language use as communicative resource. European Journal of International Management, ISSN 1751-6757
  10. Item Oloff, Florence & Gaibrois, Claudine: Doing and talking about multilanguaging: A complementary approach to hybrid linguistic practices in business settings. [Conference or Workshop Item]