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Name Martin Mueller
Institute/School SHSS - School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Mueller, Martin & Stewart, Allison (2011) Learning in Temporary Organisations: Assessing the Factors Enabling and Disabling Knowledge Transfer in the Olympic Games [applied research project] Official URL .
  2. Project Mueller, Martin & Bachmann, Veit (2010) EuroGaps: External Relations and External Perceptions of the EU in sub-Saharan Africa and the Black Sea Region [fundamental research project] Official URL .
  3. Project Mueller, Martin (2008) A political ecology of protected areas in post-Soviet Russia [fundamental research project] .
  4. Project Mueller, Martin (2013) Materialising networks: moving knowledge, governing mega-events [fundamental research project] .
  5. Project Mueller, Martin (2008) Skills Toolkit [other project type] .
  6. Project Mueller, Martin (2007) Human dimensions of natural disturbances in forest eco-systems: The social impact of bark beetle infestations in Bavarian Forest National Park [applied research project] .
  7. Project Job, Hubert; Mayer, Marius; Woltering, Manuel & Mueller, Martin (2007) The regional economic impact of Bavarian Forest National Park [applied research project] .
  8. Project Mueller, Martin (2008) Stadt und Wald: Die Bedeutung des Frankfurter Stadtwalds für die Naherholung [applied research project] .
  9. Project Mueller, Martin (2005) Between Pravda and Prada: the negotiation of geopolitical identities at a Russian elite university [dissertation project] .
  10. Project Mueller, Martin (2004) Postmodernism translated: towards hybrid development research [fundamental research project] .