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Name Oliver Gassmann
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School ITEM - Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
Address Institute of Technology Management
Office ZIG 1-216
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 7221
Further fields of research Business Model Innovation, Open Innovation, Innovation Patterns
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Borth, Prof. Dr. Damian; Gassmann, Prof. Dr. Oliver; Haefner, Prof. Dr. Naomi & Schürholt, Konstantin (2019) Intellectual Property in the Age of Self-Learning Systems (Neural-IP) [fundamental research project] .
  2. Item Gassmann, Oliver: Smart-City: Neue Stadtkonzepte braucht die Welt. In: Handelsblatt Edison nn (2019), nn,
  3. Item Gassmann, Oliver; Böhm, Jonas & Palmié, Maximilian : Smart Cities: Introducing Digital Innovation to Cities. Bingley, UK : Emerald Publishing, 2019, - ISBN 978-1-78769-614-3.
  4. Project Gassmann, Prof. Dr. Oliver; Lekkas, Charlotte-Katharina; Palmié, Prof. Dr. Maximilian; Böhm, Jonas & Kahlert, Jonas (2016) Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better Life in Urban Districts – Smarter Together [applied research project] .
  5. Item Palmié, Maximilian; Huerzeler, Peter; Grichnik, Dietmar; Keupp, Marcus Matthias & Gassmann, Oliver (2019) Some principles are more equal than others: Promotion- versus prevention-focused effectuation principles and their disparate relationships with entrepreneurial orientation. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 13 (1). 93-117. ISSN 1932-4391 [img]
  6. Item Schuhmacher, Alexander; Gassmann, Oliver; Kuss, Michael & Hinder, Markus (2019) The Art of Virtualizing Pharma R&D. Drug Discovery Today, 24 (11). 2105-2107. ISSN 1359-6446
  7. Item Gassmann, Oliver; Schmück, Kilian & Gilgen, Nicolas: Democratizing the Platform Economy: The Quiet Revolution Through Blockchain. (2019),
  8. Item Moser, Daniel; Wecht, Christoph & Gassmann, Oliver: Digitale Plattformen als Geschäftsmodell. In: ERP-Management 15 (2019), 1, S. 45-48. [img]
  9. Item Krech, Carol-Anne; Lingens, Bernhard & Gassmann, Oliver: How Patent Assertion Entities Search for their Prey – An Attention-based View. , 2019, [img]
  10. Item Moellers, Thomas; Visini, Camillo Luca; Gassmann, Patrick; Haldimann, Mirella & Gassmann, Oliver: Business Model Configurations for High Performance. 2018. [img]