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Name Rieke Bärenfänger
Institute/School IWI - Institute of Information Management
Address Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik
Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 6/8
9000 St. Gallen
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Main Focuses Digitization, Information management capabilities, Information services / information products, Digital business models
Further fields of research Service systems, Information systems research, Data quality management, Smart grids, IT business value
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Bärenfänger, Rieke (2013) DREAM [applied research project] Official URL .
  2. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke; Drayer, Elisabeth; Daniluk, Damian; Otto, Boris; Vanet, Emmanuelle; Caire, Raphael; Shamsi Abbas, Tayyab & Lisanti, Bruno: Classifying Flexibility Types in Smart Electric Distribution Grids: a Taxonomy. 2016. - CIRED Workshop 2016. - Helsinki. [img]
  3. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke; Leveling, Jens & Otto, Boris: Linking Service- and Capability-Driven Design - Towards a Framework for Designing Digital Businesses. 2016. - Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) 2016. - Ilmenau. [img]
  4. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke & Otto, Boris: Proposing a Capability Perspective on Digital Business Models. 2015. - 2015 IEEE 17th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI 2015). - Lisbon. [img]
  5. Item Otto, Boris; Bärenfänger, Rieke & Steinbuß, Sebastian: Digital Business Engineering: Methodological Foundations and First Experiences from the Field. 2015. - The 28th Bled eConference "#eWellbeing". - Bled, Slovenia. [img]
  6. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke; Otto, Boris & Gizanis, Dimitrios: Business and Data Management Capabilities for the Digital Economy : White Paper. Own publication, 2015. [img]
  7. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke; Lisanti, Bruno; Kamphuis, René; Caire, Raphael; Otto, Boris & Daniluk, Damian: Extending the Electricity Marketplace to Distribution Entities. 2014. - CIRED Workshop 2014. - Rome. [img]
  8. Item Bärenfänger, Rieke; Otto, Boris & Österle, Hubert (2014) Business value of in-memory technology - multiple-case study insights. Industrial Management and Data Systems, 114 (9). 1396-1414. ISSN 0263-5577 [img]
  9. Project Österle, Hubert; Otto, Boris; Gizanis, Dimitrios; Baghi, Ehsan; Ebner, Verena; Falge, Clarissa; Hüner, Kai; Ofner, Martin; Reichert, Andreas; Schlosser, Simon & Bärenfänger, Rieke (2006) CC Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) [applied research project] Official URL .