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Name Flavius Kehr
Institute/School ITEM - Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
Address ITEM-HSG
Büro 1-236
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 7248

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Kehr, Flavius; Kowatsch, Tobias & Fleisch, Elgar (2014) Evaluating software solutions for the medical practice - what do the users think? [applied research project] Official URL .
  2. Project Fleisch, Elgar; Kehr, Flavius; Bauer, Georg & Jenny, Gregor (2013) Job Crafting IS - Balancing job demands and job resources [applied research project] Official URL .
  3. Project Fleisch, Elgar; Kehr, Flavius; Kowatsch, Tobias & Wentzel, Daniel (2013) Privacy Paradox - Fundamental research on users' tendency to freely provide (health) data despite general worries [fundamental research project] Official URL .
  4. Project Fleisch, Elgar; Kowatsch, Tobias; Kehr, Flavius & Frieden, Matthias (2014) YouTurn - Smoking Cessation 2.0 [applied research project] Official URL .
  5. Item Kowatsch, Tobias; Kramer, Jan-Niklas; Kehr, Flavius; Wahle, Fabian; Elser, Niklas & Fleisch, Elgar (2016) Effects of Charitable Versus Monetary Incentives on the Acceptance of and Adherence to a Pedometer-Based Health Intervention: Study Protocol and Baseline Characteristics of a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Research Protocols, 5 (3). online. [img]
  6. Item Kehr, Flavius; Lutz, Christoph; Strathoff, Pepe & Tamò, Aurelia: Privacy Through Multiple Lenses : Applying the St. Gallen Multi-Layered Privacy Interaction Framework (SG-PIF). 2015. - Amsterdam Privacy Conference. - Amsterdam.
  7. Item Kehr, Flavius & Kowatsch, Tobias: Quantitative Longitudinal Research: A Review of IS Literature, and a Set of Methodological Guidelines. 2015. - 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015. - Münster, Germany. [img]
  8. Item Kehr, Flavius; Wentzel, Daniel; Kowatsch, Tobias & Fleisch, Elgar: Rethinking Privacy Decisions: Pre-Existing Attitudes, Pre-Existing Emotional States, and a Situational Privacy Calculus. 2015. - 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015. - Münster, Germany. [img]
  9. Item Kowatsch, Tobias; Wahle, Fabian; Filler, Andreas; Kehr, Flavius; Volland, Dirk; Haug, Severin; Jenny, Gregor; Bauer, Georg F. & Fleisch, Elgar: Towards Short-Term Detection of Job Strain in Knowledge Workers with a Minimal-Invasive Information System Service: Theoretical Foundation and Experimental Design. 2015. - 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015. - Münster, Germany. [img]
  10. Item Aeschlimann, Lea Sophie; Harasgama, Rehana; Kehr, Flavius; Lutz, Christoph; Milanova, Veselina; Müller, Severina; Strathoff, Pepe & Tamò, Aurelia: Big Brother kommt per E-Mail : Das "Sankt Galler Privacy Interaction Framework" am Beispiel des E-Mail-Trackings erklärt. In: HSG Focus - Dossier (2015), 2, S. 10-11. [img]