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Name Roland Füss
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School s/bf - Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance, SEW - Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research
Address s/bf-HSG
Büro 51-4011
Unterer Graben 21
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 70 42
Main Focuses Immobilienfinanzierung und -investition, Immobilienökonomie, Immobilienverbriefung, Risikomanagement und Angewandte Finanzmarktökonometrie
Further fields of research Immobilienverbriefung, Risikomanagement, Angewandte Finanzmarktökonometrie
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Ewertz, Alexander; Füss, Roland & Weigand, Alois (2021) Determinanten des Wohnungsbaus und deren Einfluss auf Wohnungspreise in qualitätsbezogenen Teilmärkten. Swiss Real Estate Journal, (22). 31-40. ISSN 1664-364X
  2. Item Balemi, Nadia; Füss, Roland & Weigand, Alois (2021) COVID-19’s impact on real estate markets: review and outlook. Journal of Financial Markets & Portfolio Management, Financial Markets Portfolio Management (2021). ISSN 1555-4961
  3. Item Füss, Roland; Koller, Jan A. & Weigand, Alois (2021) Determining Land Values from Residential Rents. Land, 10 (4). 336. ISSN 2073-445X
  4. Item Füss, Roland; Koeppel, Christian & Miebs, Felix: Diversifying estimation errors: An efficient averaging rule for portfolio optimization. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2021, 05. [img]
  5. Item Füss, Roland; Fuchs, Florian; Jenkinson, Tim & Morkötter, Stefan (2020) Winning a Deal in Private Equity: Do Educational Networks Matter? Journal of Corporate Finance, ISSN 0929-1199 [img]
  6. Item Fischer, Marcel; Füss, Roland & Stehle, Simon (2020) Local House Price Comovements. Real Estate Economics, [img]
  7. Item Füss, Roland; Lerbs, Oliver & Weigand, Alois: Do Local Governments Tax Homeowner Communities Differently? School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2020, 14. [img]
  8. Item Prashant, Das; Füss, Roland; Hanle, Benjamin & Russ, Isabel N. (2020) The cross-over effect of irrational sentiments in housing, commercial property, and stock markets. Journal of Banking and Finance, (114). ISSN 0378-4266 [img]
  9. Item Mahringer, Steffen; Füss, Roland & Prokopczuk, Marcel: Electricity Market Coupling in Europe: Status Quo and Future Challenges. In Goutte, Stéphane & Nguyen, Duc Khuong (ed.): Handbook of Energy Finance. World Scientific, 2020, S. 93-120. [img]
  10. Item Abacherli, Samuel; Füss, Roland; Lin, Wei & Olaussen, Jon Olaf: The Pricing Implications of Housing Location. , 2020,