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Name Sebastian Raisch
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IoMS - Institute of Management & Strategy
Main Focuses Strategisches Management; Organisation
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  1. Item Häfner, Naomi; Burkhard, Barbara; Bettis, Richard A.; Piezunka, Henning; Posen, Hart E.; Puranam, Phanish; Raisch, Sebastian & Teodoridis, Florenta: The Nexus Between Artificial Intelligence and the Behavioral Theory of the Firm. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]
  2. Item Zimmermann, Alexander; Raisch, Sebastian & Cardinal, Laura (2018) Managing Persistent Tensions on the Frontline: A Configurational Perspective on Ambidexterity. Journal of management studies : JMS, 55 (5). 739-769. ISSN 0022-2380
  3. Item Raisch, Sebastian & Zimmermann, Alexander: Pathways to Ambidexterity: A Process Perspective on the Exploration–Exploitation Paradox. In Smith, Wendy; Lewis, Marianne; Jarzabkowski, Paula & Langley, Ann (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Paradox. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017, S. 315-332. [img]
  4. Item Birkinshaw, Julian; Zimmermann, Alexander & Raisch, Sebastian (2016) How Do Firms Adapt to Discontinuous Change? : Bridging the Dynamic Capabilities and Ambidexterity Perspectives. California Management Review, 58 (4). 36-58. ISSN 0008-1256
  5. Item Zimmermann, Alexander; Raisch, Sebastian & Birkinshaw, Julian (2015) How Is Ambidexterity Initiated? : The Emergent Charter Definition Process. Organization Science, 26 (4). 941-1261. ISSN 1047-7039
  6. Item Zimmermann, Alexander; Gomez, Peter; Probst, Gilbert & Raisch, Sebastian (2014) Creating Societal Benefits and Corporate Profits. MIT Sloan Management Review, 55 (3). 18-21. ISSN 1532-9194
  7. Item Zimmermann, Alexander; Raisch, Sebastian & Birkinshaw, Julian: The Emergent Process of Ambidexterity. 2013. - 73rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2013 "Capitalism in Question". - Orlando, FL.
  8. Item Raisch, Sebastian; Zimmermann, Alexander & Cardinal, Laura: A Revised Blueprint of the Ambidextrous Organization : Reuniting Structural and Contextual Theories. 2012. - 72nd Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2012 "The Informal Economy". - Boston, USA.
  9. Item Zimmermann, Alexander; Raisch, Sebastian & Birkinshaw, Julian: A Process Study of Inter-Firm Relationships : Exploration, Exploitation, and Emergent Ambidexterity. 2011. - 71st Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM). - San Antonio, USA.
  10. Item Zimmermann, Alexander & Raisch, Sebastian (2011) Rightsizing : Ein Überblick zu Ansätzen und Methoden. Organisationsentwicklung, (3). 4-11. ISSN 0724-6110