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Name Sebastian Kernbach
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School MCM -Institute for Media and Communication Management
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  1. Item Kernbach, Sebastian; Svetina Nabergoj, Anja; Liakhavets, Anastasia & Petukh, Andrei: Design Thinking at a glance – An overview of models along with enablers and barriers of bringing it to the workplace and life. 2022. [img]
  2. Item Kernbach, Sebastian: Towards a science of action - concepts and theories to reduce procrastination and overcome the intention-action-gap. 2022. - European Academy of Management Annual Meeting (EURAM). - Zurich, Switzerland. [img]
  3. Item Bresciani, Sabrina & Kernbach, Sebastian: Knowing What to Do in Life: The Effect of Past Negative Time Perspective and a Life Design Intervention. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  4. Item Bresciani, Sabrina & Kernbach, Sebastian: Insights from Neuroscience: Exploring Highly Sensitive Persons’ Use of Knowledge Visualization. 2021. - 25th International Conference Information Visualisation. - Online conference @ University of Technology, Sidney, Australia.
  5. Item Bresciani, Sabrina & Kernbach, Sebastian: A Collaborative Design Thinking Method For Life and Career Design. 2021. - EURAM (European Academy of Management). - online.
  6. Item Bresciani, Sabrina & Kernbach, Sebastian: A Design Thinking Approach for Designing Careers: Finding Authenticity and Increasing Self-Efficacy. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  7. Item Bresciani, Sabrina & Kernbach, Sebastian: Visual Interventions for Career and Life-design: An Exploratory Experimental Study. 2019. - 23 International Conference Information Visualisation (IV19). - University of Paris 13, Paris, France.
  8. Item Ulibarri, Nicola; Cravens, Amanda E.; Svetina Nabergoj, Anja; Kernbach, Sebastian & Royalty, Adam : Creativity in Research: Cultivate Clarity, Be Innovative, and Make Progress in your Research Journey. Cambridge University Press, 2019, - ISBN 978-1-108-70611-7. [img] [img]
  9. Item Kernbach, Sebastian: Visual Thinking in Life Design: A conceptual framework of visual tools and templates. 2019. [img]
  10. Item Bresciani, Sabrina; Arora, Pavithra & Kernbach, Sebastian: Education and Culture Affect Visualization’s Effectiveness for Health Communication. 2018. - International Conference Information Visualisation (IV18). - Salerno, Italy.