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Name Adrian Rinscheid
Title Dr.
Institute/School IWOE - Institute for Economy and the Environment
Address IWÖ-HSG
Büro 52-5226
Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 6/8
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 2895
Main Focuses Internationale Politische Ökonomie, Politikwissenschaftliche Forschung zu Energie- und Klimapolitik, Forschung im Rahmen von Work Package 4 "Energy Governance" von SCCER-CREST
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  1. Item Rinscheid, Adrian; Pianta, Silvia & Weber, Elke U. (2020) Fast track or Slo-Mo? Public support and temporal preferences for phasing out fossil fuel cars in the United States. Climate Policy, 20 (1). 30-45. [img]
  2. Item Thaler, Philipp; Hofmann, Benjamin; Abegg, Andreas; Bornemann, Basil; Braunreiter, Lukas; Burger, Paul; Dörig, Leonie; Ejderyan, Olivier; Heselhaus, Sebastian; Opitz, Christian; Petrovich, Beatrice; Rinscheid, Adrian; Schillig, Ivo; Schreiber, Markus & Sohre, Annika: Schweizer Energiepolitik zwischen Bund, Kantonen und Gemeinden: Zentralisieren, dezentralisieren oder koordinieren? SCCER CREST White Paper, Nr. 7 : SCCER CREST, 2019, [img]
  3. Item Rinscheid, Adrian & Wüstenhagen, Rolf (2019) German voters would prefer a more ambitious timeline to phase out coal. Nature Energy,
  4. Item Rinscheid, Adrian & Wüstenhagen, Rolf (2019) Germany’s decision to phase out coal by 2038 lags behind citizens’ timing preferences. Nature Energy, (4). 856-863.
  5. Item Rinscheid, Adrian; Eberlein, Burkard; Emmenegger, Patrick & Schneider, Volker (2019) Why Do Junctures Become Critical? Political Discourse, Agency, and Joint Belief Shifts in Comparative Perspective. Regulation & Governance, forthcoming ISSN 1748-5983
  6. Item Rinscheid, Adrian & Wüstenhagen, Rolf (2018) Divesting, Fast and Slow: Affective and Cognitive Drivers of Fading Voter Support for a Nuclear Phase-Out. Ecological Economics, 152 51-61. ISSN 0921-8009 [img]
  7. Item Rinscheid, Adrian & Wüstenhagen, Rolf: Meltdown at the Nuclear Ballot: Voting Behavior and Opinion Shifts in Swiss Energy Politics. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]
  8. Item Rinscheid, Adrian (2015) Crisis, Policy Discourse, and Major Policy Change: Exploring the Role of Subsystem Polarization in Nuclear Energy Policymaking. European Policy Analysis, 1 (2). 34-70. [img]
  9. Item Rinscheid, Adrian; Eberlein, Burkard & Schneider, Volker: Complex Policy Trajectories in Risk Domains: Nuclear Power in Canada, Germany and Japan. 2015. - International Conference on Public Policy 2015. - Milan. [img]
  10. Item Rinscheid, Adrian (2013) Entkriminalisierung ohne Individualisierung? Eine komparativ-historische Fallstudie zur Entkriminalisierung von Homosexualität in BRD und DDR. Zeitschrift für vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, (7). 251-275. [img]