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Name Erik Linden
Title Dr.
Institute/School IMP - Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance
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Main Focuses Strategisches Management & TMT, Dynamic Capabilities & Microfoundations, Behavioral Strategy, Business Ecosystems and Models
Further fields of research Geschäftsmodelle, Business Ecosystems, Aerospace Industrienetzwerke
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Latest Additions (all)

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  2. Item Linden, Erik: Board of Directors and the Strategy Process in Times of Environmental Change: The Case of the Swiss Aviation Industry. Thesis, 2021. [img]
  3. Item Linden, Erik (2021) Pandemics and environmental shocks: What aviation managers should learn from COVID-19 for long-term planning. Journal of Air Transport Management, 90 ISSN 0969-6997
  4. Item Linden, Erik: Zukunft Schweizer Luftfahrt- Das Goldene Zeitalter der Drohne. Mobilitätsarena 2020. Bern, October 2020.
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  8. Item Linden, Erik : Good Governance im Sport. Band 19. Zürich/St. Gallen : Dike Verlag (in Kooperation mit dfv Mediengruppe, Frankfurt am Main und Jan Sramek Verlag KG, Wien), 2019, - ISBN 978-3-03891-129-6. [img]
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