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Name Adrian Jäggi
Institute/School SIAW - Swiss Institute for International Economics and Applied Economic Research
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  1. Item Föllmi, Reto; Jäggi, Adrian & Rosenblatt-Wisch, Rina (2019) Loss Aversion at the Aggregate Level Across Countries and its Relation to Economic Fundamentals. Journal of Macroeconomics, (61, 103136). 1-19. ISSN 0164-0704 [img]
  2. Item Jäggi, Adrian; Schmid, Lukas & Legge, Stefan: Dyadic Value Distance: Determinants and Consequences. University of St.Gallen Discussion Paper, 2017, 2017-18. [img]
  3. Item Jäggi, Adrian: Income Inequality and Technology Diffusion. [img]