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Name Carl David Mildenberger
Title Dr. Dr.
Institute/School SHSS - School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Phone +41 71 224 3091
Main Focuses Wirtschaftsphilosophie, Politische Ökonomie
Further fields of research Philosophie der Sozialwissenschaften, Handlungstheorie, Normative Sprachphilosophie, Geschichte ökonomischen Denkens (von Smith bis Hayek), Neue Institutionenökonomie, Normative Ökonomie
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Latest Additions (all)

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  4. Item Mildenberger, Carl David (2018) A reason to be rational. Inquiry,
  5. Item Mildenberger, Carl David (2017) A Liberal Theory of Externalities. Philosophical studies, online ISSN 0031-8116
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