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Name Matteo Bernasconi
Title M.A. HSG
Institute/School ITEM - Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
Address Instituite of Technology Management
Dufourstrasse 40a
Büro 24-0-241
9000 St Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 72 71

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Bernasconi, Matteo; Grothkopp, Mark & Friedli, Thomas (2023) The Role of Social and Technical Lean Implementation in Improving Operational Performance: Insights from the Pharmaceutical Industry. International Journal of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, 17 (2). 118-123.
  2. Item Fellows, Matt; Friedli, Thomas; Li, Ye; Maguire, Jennifer; Rakala, Nandini; Ritz, Marten; Bernasconi, Matteo; Seiss, Mark; Stiber, Neil; Swatek, Mat & Viehmann, Alex (2022) Benchmarking the Quality Practices of Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing to Advance Supply Chain Resilience. AAPS Journal, 24 (6).
  3. Item Grothkopp, Mark; Bernasconi, Matteo & Friedli, Thomas (2022) A Holistic View On Production Systems Management. 3rd Conference on Production Systems and Logistics, 672-681.
  4. Item Bernasconi, Matteo; Steiger, Gian-Andri Erich; Ritz, Marten & Friedli, Thomas: Learn from your Metrics - Using Operational Data to Improve Operations in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and QC Labs. In: Pharma Focus Asia (2022), 48, S. 52-55.
  5. Item Bernasconi, Matteo; Grothkopp, Mark; Ritz, Marten & Friedli, Thomas: Predicting Quality Risks in Pharmaceutical Production Incorporating Internal and External Signals. In: Pharma Focus Asia (2021), 44, S. 36-39. [img]
  6. Item Bernasconi, Matteo; Friedli, Thomas & Calnan, Nuala (2021) Holistic Risk-Based Site Surveillance – A Data-Based Approach to Site Quality Risk Identification and Assessment in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Level 3, 16 (1). [img]
  7. Item Bernasconi, Matteo; Grothkopp, Mark; Pirrone, Lorenzo & Friedli, Thomas: The Link between Plant Performance & Maturity - Seeing the whole picture. In: Pharma Focus Asia (2021), 45, S. 51-55. [img]